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Get to know the top automation system for gas stations in Brazil.

The items that we can find in a gas station are many, especially in the convenience store, and  this often causes customers to be attracted to the place by the services or products to be acquired and, only in a second moment, they think if the vehicle needs be fueled. Given that gas stations no longer only offer fuel, increasingly adding products and services to fit the wants of their customers, Microsffer launched in 2015 […]

Intended to atend the national market with its own headquarters in Brazil, Saturno Infláveis has been working with excellence, quality and transparency in the visual communication market since 1995, offering a diverse variety inflatable products with great visualization and results.

A pioneer in this area in the nation, Saturno works with high quality printed materials, creatively and efficiently disseminating products and brands to leave out of the commonplace of pre-established traditional media. The catalog offers a wide selection of possibilities, from balloons and rooftops to realistic replicas of products and mascots, always providing the entire support available to their consumers, making sure they deliver with all the quality everything  that their imagination can produce. Balão […]

Top 5 Fitness Hints for Plus Size Women

It’s a fact that is recognized that keeping fit is vital to maintaining overall wellness. This is true for everybody: women and men, young and old. It’s also accurate for plus-sized girls. Many people consider that if they’re heavy, they cannot work out. Occasionally, girls who are not comfortable about their size feel embarrassed to be physically active. The the fact is that larger women can and should work out. The benefits will include increased […]